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New B.Glove Machine to make disposable plastic gloves made of Bioplastics

At PLAST 2015 the new B.GLOVE machine to make disposable plastic gloves in bioplastics


Cibra - Welding machinesThe B.GLOVE machine comes from the first semiautomatic machine for disposable gloves that Cibra presented at PLAST 1968, from the first experiences on Mater-Bi films at PLAST 2003, from the last two years' experience in producing full time biodegradable Mater-Bi gloves for innovative customers.

New B.Glove Machine from Cibra to make disposable plastic gloves made of Bioplastics
Disposable gloves in bio-degradable film are a high quality product. Their softness, their breathability, the pureness of their composition make these gloves suitable for food handling, for use in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, for wellness treatments, and in many other applications. Biodegradable gloves are organic waste and will be totally degraded in compost in a short time.
According to European ruling shopping bags must be biodegradable. It can be expected that the same rule could soon be applied to gloves in the fruit/vegetable area of supermarkets, where plastic gloves are still used.
The B.Glove line can make gloves on several types of bioplastics, and also on LDPE, HDPE, EVA , EBA , EMA copolymers.
For PLAST 2015 a specific agreement was signed between Novamont and Cibra, so that during the show gloves were exclusively made from Mater-bi grade EF03V supplied by Novamont, extruded and printed by Virosac SPA. At the end of the line an anthropomorphic robot supplied by CIA Automazioni was collecting the stacks of gloves and placing them in carton boxes

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