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New website launch

Mould & Die Solutions have developed a tool to assist with formatting your mould Mould Basesbases. They offer ALL THREE popular mouldbase standards, together with the mould components :
It is no longer necessary to wade through the pages of bulky catalogues to find the specifications for your mould.
Visit, and their “CONFIGURATOR” tool will guide you through your selection process. Hit “send” at the end, and your request for quote will be emailed directly to Mould & Die Solutions.

New Products Just Hatched
New Products

Global Thinswitch Limit Switch

Global Thinswitch Limit SwitchThe Global Thinswitch from Mould & Die Solutions helps prevent accidental mould closure in injection moulds by verifying ejector plate return. A polyurethane dome covers the actuator spring, protecting the internal gold switch contacts from environmental contamination, water spray and oil leakage. Tested to function reliably at over 14 million cycles, these switches offer a cost effective solution to any toolroom.

MoS2 Coated Nitrided Ejector Pins for Injection Moulding and Die Casting

Ejector Pins for Injection Moulding Mould & Die Solutions are now holding MoS2 coated nitrided ejector pins in stock. Traditional bright nitrided ejector pins show limitations in life-span when compared to the MoS2 coated equivalent. The MoS2 coating provides a slip, which reduces friction providing excellent dry-running properties. End result? Significantly longer life span. In addition, when used in a die-casting environment, the coating provides protection against molten materials adhering to the ejector pin.