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SAVA Joins Global PVC Leaders to Celebrate Sustainability Successes


SAVANearly half million tonnes of PVC recycled during 2014
Industry shows a strong commitment to contribute to climate mitigation

Johannesburg, May13, 2015. With 481,018 tonnes of PVC waste recycled in 2014, VinylPlus, Europe’s sustainable development programme for the PVC industry, is steadily progressing toward its 2020 recycling targets. Attending the Vinyl Sustainability Forum 2015 which took place in Cannes, France, recently, Delanie Bezuidenhout of the Southern African Vinyls Association (SAVA) joined industry leaders from around the world to reaffirm their commitment to reduce the PVC value chain’s contribution to GHG emissions.

SAVA Vinyls PlusSAVA’s Delanie Bezuidenhout joins colleagues from VinylPlus for a lunch in Cannes

Under the theme, ‘More Vinyl, Less Carbon’, more than 100 stakeholders representing academia, government bodies, the UN, the European Commission, retailers and all sectors of the PVC industry met for in-depth discussions on how the global PVC industry is helping combat climate change, improving energy and resource efficiency; and how PVC products can contribute in reducing CO2 emissions.
VinylPlus Chairman Michael Träger welcomed delegates, saying:  “Once again VinylPlus’ progress and achievements this past year confirm our industry’s determination to reduce its environmental footprint, but also highlights the effectiveness of our voluntary approach to sustainable development”.
In 2014 alone, 481 018 tonnes of PVC waste was recycled in Europe, placing the industry firmly on track to achieve its target of 800 000 tonnes per year by the end of 2020.

“Our Voluntary Commitment already encompasses themes linked to climate change, such as recycling, resource saving, energy efficiency, GHG emissions reduction along the entire production chain and increasing use of renewable energy and materials,” explained said VinylPlus General Manager Brigitte Dero. 

Delanie Bezuidenhout presentingDelanie Bezuidenhout presents SAVA's achievements to the VinylPlus delegates

Another important step forward that was registered on the PVC additives side in 2014, was the 86 % reduction in the use of lead-based stabilisers compared to 2007, progressing towards the target of completing their substitution by the end of 2015.
Communicating South Africa’s progress and achievements on this point, Delanie presented the progress the country’s PVC pipe manufacturers has made in ensuring that all pipes are lead-free by 31 July 2015. 

PVC End user marketPVC End User Market Split in South Africa

“The pipes and fittings industries represent the vast majority (59 %) of the local PVC industry.  Their commitment and drive to ensure sustainable and safe manufacturing processes is therefore of vital importance in helping us set the bar in achieving our own environmental targets,” Delanie explained.  She also communicated the various activities SAVA and its members are currently involved in, such launching the first ever PVC recycling survey which is currently underway.

“Looking at the progress that is made with PVC recovery and recycling around the world, it appears that South Africa is still in its infancy. However, it is clear that we are all facing the same challenge and obstacles, and forming global networks with industry leaders through VinylPlus makes it easier for us to plot our path and set realistic goals for ourselves.  We are also able to learn from their best practice models and avoid making costly mistakes.  We will now be moving forward on our plans for increasing PVC recycling, knowing that we have the support of the international Vinyls community who is eager for us to succeed,” Delanie concludes.
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