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Mould & Die Solutions and Progressive Components' Present new innovations to the Toolmaking Industry


Mould & Die Solutions

The last week in Aug and first week in September saw John Wakefield from Progressive components visiting Mould & Die Solutions. Progressive Components is one of the companies that we represent. We ran a series of presentations in Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town, as well as taking John into some of the toolrooms around the country for one on one meetings. John spent time highlighting various products from their stable time saving pre-engineered mould components.

Mould and Die Solutions

John Wakefield and Richard Carter at the Cape Town Lecture

John’s presentation, entitled “Mould & Production Cost Optimisation” elicited a lot of interest. Popular amongst the attendees were the following innovations:

Cve Mould Monitor

MonitorBy far the most cost-effective way of monitoring your mould’s productivity in real time. For as little as R2 700.00, the Cve monitor tracks Cycle Count, Cycle Time, Mould Efficiencies and downtimes. It also alerts you to when preventative maintenance is due and provides a host of warning signals as to when things are about to go wrong!
Connecting the unit to your laptop by a mini usb cable, allows you to download accurate reports as often as you like.

The system can also be linked to a wireless network so that reports are emailed automatically.

Alignment locks now come with a Tool Lifetime Warrantee!

Alignment LocksProgressive’s Z-Series Alignment locks have been advanced to out perform all other brands. This is achieved by a combination of engagement geometry, particulate capturing rings, materials and treatments, as well as specialist lubrication already applied.
Progressive are so confident that their locks will exceed expectations that they are prepared to offer a written guarantee that the locks will not fail during the life of the tool.

SRT Slide Retainers

Slide RetainersThe SRT Slide retainers reliably hold from 2 to 36 Kg each. The design now features colour-coded springs to indicate force rating. The compact design allows for installation in a mould base or wear plates.
The V-groove for roller retention may be machined into the bottom of the slide, or if your material is soft you may choose to install the ready-made cleats.

Far superior to traditional ball stops as well as many other forms of slide retainers, Progressives SRT range have proved to be a reliable, cost effective option.



The trip was definitely a success, with a lot of interest being shown from toolmakers around the country. We will definitely do this again, perhaps rolling it out in conjunction with other suppliers. Anyone interested in updating their product knowledge by attending the presentations or receiving our newsletter should contact us by phone (086 155 755)