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Damax Kahn & Kahn’s PVC dam liner an effective barrier against water loss caused by seepage

Prevent leakage quickly and cost-effectively

14 March, 2016:

A decline in the water levels has left South Africa under serious water crisis. The failure of dams to hold water for long periods can prove detrimental as they form a massive part of our reserved water resources. Damax Kahn & Kahn’s dam liner presents an opportunity to sufficiently care for what is left of our reserved water.
Water Reservoir with Dam Liner
Losing small amounts of water in reservoirs is inevitable with evaporation taking place constantly during the hot weather, however seepage can significantly reduce the amount of reserved water. Seepage can be a direct result of human error during construction, such as the use of unsuitable soil for the dam walls or poor maintenance.

Damax Kahn & Kahn MD David Tromp explains that overtime, concrete can crack, causing considerable water losses. “Repairs could take up valuable time and cost thousands of rands not budgeted for. Our PVC liners are an effective barrier against water loss caused by seepage and are great for farming, municipal and industrial applications.”
PVC Dam Lier
Damax Kahn & Kahn liners are suitable for many applications and are guaranteed to make reservoirs watertight. The drop in liners can be used to replace damaged ones in steel panel reservoirs or wire mesh reservoirs. They have been proven to successfully seal the cracks quickly without requiring frequent or close monitoring.

Their effectiveness has been proven through usage in local municipalities for sewerage works projects. The product has also been used by a major petroleum company in its clean-up and filtration dam and for an agricultural project to create storage dams for cattle feed.
PVC Dam Liner
Manufactured in South Africa, the liner is made from PVC, which boasts flexibility, a high level of strength and does not contain any harmful chemicals which could compromise the water quality. The liner is available in a standard 3,4 m width, and is supplied in lengths varying from 80 m to 150 m per roll.

If the liner is damaged, Damax Kahn & Kahn provides customers with a two-part glue that can be used to repair any major tears or holes. In addition, there is a patch kit that works like a sticker and can even be applied underwater for any small holes.

Tromp highlights that Damax Kahn & Kahn can either supply a DIY drop in liner or install the liner for its clients. “The liners are installed using specialised machinery by trained staff who use a combination of a wedge welder and an extrusion welder. Fusing the plastic sheeting is done quickly, cost-effectively and the liner can last up to 15 years,” he concludes.

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