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All Purpose Black Plastic Sheeting Cover


Damax Kahn & Kahn has its clients covered

Since repackaging and rebranding its tried-and-trusted All Purpose Cover to become more visually-appealing on retail floor space, Damax Kahn & Kahn has experienced a measurable uptake in demand for the innovative product that is ideally-suited for numerous tasks in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

All-Purpose-Plastic-Sheet-Cover-rolled-upDamax Kahn & Kahn MD David Tromp explains that, as part of the revamped packaging, the All Purpose Cover is rolled up and sold in plastic sleeves that can be found displayed upright in wire baskets in stores. “Since the introduction of the new packaging, it has become extremely popular, with particularly large quantities being sold to hardware and builders merchants.”

The 3m x 5m x 150 mic (μ) black sheeting cover is made from recycled low-density polyethylene, making it dust and water-proof. It is able to protect cars, swimming pools, patios and even shacks and tents from exposure to harsh environmental conditions. What’s more, the All Purpose Cover can be used to protect floors when painting, rhinoliting, plastering or drilling.

black sheeting cover is made from recycled low-density polyethylene

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