ASB to Demonstrate Two High Performance Machines & Advanced Technologies at Chinaplas 2016.

ASB Demonstrate Two High Performance Machines & Advanced Technologies at Chinaplas 2016

ASB at Chinaplas 2016

ASB to Demonstrate Two High Performance Machines & Advanced Technologies at Chinaplas 2016

ASB will announce and exhibit the machines below at Chinaplas 2016 - Booth Nr W4F41, to be held in Shanghai, China from 25th - 28th April. ASB will be demonstrating two of its top-line moulding machines : the PF24-8B/12 1.5 step injection stretch blow moulding machine and an enhanced version of its ASB-70DPH v4 one step injection stretch blow moulding machine. In addition a range of ASB's specialised moulding technologies and unique containers will be on display.

Chinaplas 2016

Chinaplas has now become the world's second largest plastics and rubber trade fair and is held annually at various locations within China.

PF24-8B/12 Moulding Deep Grip Pinch Type Handle
High Performance 1.5 Step Injection Stretch Blow Moulding Machine
ASB demonstrate machines at Chinaplas 2016

The PF24-8B/12 usesASB's unique and pioneering 1.5 step moulding process to injection stretch blow mould PET bottles directly from raw material in an extremely compact space.

ASB 70DPH v4 Extended Daylight Model
Mid Range Injection Stretch Blow Moulding machine

One step injection blow moulding machines demonstrated at Chinaplas 2016

The ASB 70DPH v4 is a medium sized one-step injection stretch blow moulding machine which can product containers from PET and other types of plastic resins in one machine. Due to its continual development and extreme moulding verstility for a qide range of container designs and resins, this is one of ASB's best-selling series resulting in the sale of more than 1700 units.

ASB at Chinaplas 2016

Containers demonstrated at Chinaplas 2016

Left: Re-usable Hot-fillable 700ml copolyester drink flash moulded by ASB 70DPH v4

Centre & Right : PET 1.9 Litre Soy Sauce / Edible Oil Container moulded by PF24-8B/12


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