Dakumar Machinery - Manufacturer of Plastic Injection Molding Machines

Dakumar Machinery - Manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines.

Dakumar Injection Machines

Dakumar Plastic Injection Molding Machines

As China injection machine innovator, Dakumar Machinery is keen on supplying high quality plastic injection machines, providing plastic molding technology as well as turnkey molding solutions for our customers worldwide. With the whole Dakumar team, we bear in mind with machine mentality of high speed, high precision, high energy saving, high safety and high cycle stability from machine design to machine building.

We have several high level injection machines for sale:

  • servo motor power energy saving series till to 4000Ton
  • High speed injection machine especially designed for high speed molding at 2.8s dry cycle
  • PET and PVC custom made molding machines
  • two color injection molding machines
  • two platen large injection molding machines

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Dakumar Machinery is always beside you for support with tailor made molding solutions, and aims to grow with you through a win-win long term partnership. For any injection molding machine or molding solutions, we welcome you to contact us.

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Dakumar Turnkey Molding Solution News

Industrial Parts Molding Line
Industrial Parts Molding Line
IML Paint Bucket Solution
IML Paint Bucket Solution
Household Plastic Parts Molding Solution
Household Plastic Parts Molding Solution
Plastic Packing Molding Solution
Plastic Packing Molding Solution
High Speed IML Molding Line
High Speed IML Molding Line
Fitting Injection Molding Lines
Fitting Injection Molding Lines

1. Servo energy saving injection machine

Dakumar servo power saving injection molding machines, adopt with high performance servo dynamic control systems, oil pump as source of power, have obviously characteristics of high speed response, energy saving, low noise, high control precision, etc., really achieved with electrical servo and hydraulic drive system combinations. Compared with conventional injection machines, our servo series can reduced 20-80% energy while contentious running. Mainly Dakumar servo series machine is suitable for industrial containers, pallets, crates, buckets, chairs, tables, home appliances, automotive parts and so on. Combined with high quality moulds, auxiliary and robot system, DKM machine is widely applied in different turnkey molding lines and get great praise from customers.

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Servo Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine
Servo Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine
Servo Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine
Injection moulding machines for collapsible pallet containers
Gas Rattan Chiar Molding
Household Molding Machines

2. High speed injection molding machine

Dakumar high speed injection molding machine is a new type hybrid injection machine developed, especially suitable for thinwall products moldings. It advantages in high speed, high stability, high injection precision, high energy saving, and high safety. For example with a 0.4mm ice cream container mold with 4 cavities and IML labeling and picking up, our cycle time can reach 2.9s, obtained many good favorable comments from our customers.
machine is designed with accumulator to realize high speed injection, also has function of 3 axis linkage to get material charging, mold opening and ejection working at same time.
machine is applied with famous components, like KEBA control system and Moog valve, can control each shot precisely on weight and position, reducing molding tolerance and improve your production percentage of pass.
machine with mechanical, hydraulic, electric triple protection, each security module with independent control of closing, injection, charging, nozzle forward to avoid any accident.
machine adopts accumulator to realize high speed injection, max. injection speed can reach 300-450mm per second(according to different model). And use high precision single cylinder injection system which especially suit for high speed.

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Weblinks: www.dakumar.com/high-speed-injection-moulding-machine.html

High Speed Injection Molding Machine
Thin Wall IML Container Molding Solutions
High Speed Molding Solution

3. PET/PVC custom made injection machine

Due to PET and PVC raw material has special characteristics, Dakumar has tailor designed and developed machine series to suit this two material molding. For these two type machines, machine frame is bigger than normal types in order to get more bigger mold loading capacity for molding requirements.

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We have machine with PET/PVC special advantages, pls check on www.dakumar.com

Custom made injection molding machines for PET and PVC materials
Injection Molding Machines for molding with PET and PVC materials

Injection Molding Machines to produce PET preforms
Dakumar Injection Machines for PVC molding

4. Moulds / Auxilliary / Automation Equipment

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Molds for injection molding
Auxilliary Equipment for Injection Molding Machines
Robots and  Automation Equipment


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IML Paint Bucket Molding
Trash Can1080t Servo Injection Machine
High Speed Injection molding machine
72 cavities PET production line


Dakumar Plastic Injection Molding Machines

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