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Dr Boy - Plastic Injection Moulding Machines

DR Boy Injection Moulding Machines

Through specialized construction of injection moulding machines for plastics with clamping forces below 100 U.S. tons, DR Boy have achieved a unique proficiency in this market segment.
DR Boy has been represented on every continent for over 35 years. The fully hydraulic BOY 55 injection moulding machine is characterized by its precision, high efficiency, and compact design.
Its low operating costs and reliable performance make it ideally suited for mass production.
The very compact design of the two platen clamping unit reduces the space required by the BOY 55 compared to conventional machine designs with the three-platen principle.

Nissei Injection Moulding Machines

NISSEI PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. - Development, manufacture and sales of injection moulding machines, mould machining systems, auto-molding systems, measuring instruments, etc.

Nissei Injection Moulding Machines Electric Moulding Machines
Breaking through the conventional concept that "the driving source of injection molding machines is hydraulic pressure," NISSEI developed the first model of an electric injection molding machine in the world in 1983. Repeating research and development and concentrating the technical know-how since then, NISSEI has put the respective "ELJECT" Series in the lineup.

Horizontal Hydraulic Moulding Machines
The FV Series has been developed on the basis of a new idea to find answers to "What functions are required of large-sized molding machines?" Incorporation of the controller "TACT" has made the series evolve further. In addition to the wide-ranging machine performance specifications and energy-saving performance materialized by review of the structure, the repeatability of the molding stability and control has been improved.

LS Cable Injection Moulding Machines

Range of Injection Moulding Machines

The LGE Series - Electric Injection Moulding Machine
is the result of years of research and experience in the development and manufacture of injection moulding machines.These exceptional machines combine the benefits of servo electric technology, and injection speed/pressure control algorithm, conformance to safety standards, a 5 point toggle clamping system designed by FEA analysis, and a high speed injection moulding mechanism.
-Excellent injection speed by adapting a high output and high-response AC servo motor
-5-Point toggle high speed clamping system and highly rigid injection mechanism.
-Energy saving, low noise and clean production.
-High cycle molding with no time lag is attained by simultaneous operations.
-Designed in accordance with safety standards.
-Operational excellence and stable control system.

CLF All Electric Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

CLF LogoCLF-AE Series Injection Moulding Machines

Injection Moulding Machines• Employs German Siemens control and servo motors for excellent performance and high accuracy
• High performance injection unit that enhances the exceptional features of servo control. High speed, stability and accuracy guaranteed.
• In-house software development capability combined with technical support from Siemens
• Standardized hardware design simplifies the maintenance works and reduces the spare parts stock
• Simultaneous control on multi-axes shortens moulding cycle time dramatically.
• Overall super rigid structure minimizes running vibration.

• Exclusive energy-regeneration function not only provides electricity-saving and environmental protection, but also meets todays trend of energy-saving.
• Ergonomics operation interface.
• The access level to controller management can be ranked.
• Rigid platen design exhibits superior parallelism.
• Supports remote monitoring function.

PET Stretch Blow Moulding Machines

Parker Blow Moulding Machines

Parker supply a range of Blow Moulding Machines :

- Injection Blow Moulding Machine

- Extrusion Blow Moulding Series Machine

- PET Stretch Blow Molding Series

- Parker Vertical Blow Moulding Machine

- Accumulative Blow Molding Series

- Extrusion Blow Molding Series

PET Stretch Blow Moulding Machines

PET Stetch Blow Moulding Machine Chia Ming - PET Stretch Blow Moulding Machines
PET Automatic Stretch Blow Moulding Machines

CMA(D) Series for Bottle volumes less than 600ml
CMA(D) Series PET stretch blow molding machines are suited for small sized bottles.
The CMA-D6 is the most popular model in this series. It produces a wide variety of PET bottles for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

PET All Electric PET Stetch Blow Moulding Machines

CMS Series for STandard for Standard Type Machine CMA Series
Fully Electric PET Blow Moulding Machine.


Neue Herbold LM series granulators are specially designed for the size reduction of voluminous, thin walled materials. Typical applications are the size reduction of loose
film ( in-line edge trims), hollow containers, barrels, crates, PVC pipe (thin-walled PE/PP pipe), profile, automotive bumpers, web scrap, injection moulding waste or thermoforming scrap etc.
LM Series Granulator
Size reduction of loose film ( in-line edge trims), hollow containers, barrels, crates, PVC pipes (thin-walled PE/PP pipes), profile, automotive bumpers, web scrap, injection moulding waste or thermoforming scrap etc.
LM series granulators are designed with rotor and stator knives that are counter angled to each other producing a true scissors type cutting action. This design results in a cleaner more uniform granulate and reduced heat build up in the granulate. Double angle cut also reduces noise emissions and energy consumption. All knives are straight sharpening and require no special knife sharpening fixture. All cutting knives are pre-adjusted to the proper size gap outside the granulator with the use of the knife setting fixture which creates a constant gap between rotor blade circumference and screen resulting in reduced friction and therefore less thermal stress of the material.
Knife changes can be accomplished 60% quicker and safer then adjusting knives within the granulator. The bearings of the rotor shaft are mounted within solid steel housings (not castings) which offer more reliable service and eliminate any chance for the housings to crack or break under heavy shock loads. As opposed to flanged mounted bearings, outboard mounting prevents dust/fines from fouling the bearing nor grease from contaminating the granulate. Outboard mounting provides for a quieter and cooler operation. Improved rotor designs eliminate any chance for the rotor knives to
lift or loosen during heavy shock loads.
The knife bolts attach to a removable and replaceable threaded clamp. The rotor flights
nor the knife carrier are threaded preventing unnecessary drilling and tapping to repair stripped threads. The completely welded housing is designed with “clam shell“ opening characteristics for ease in maintenance.

SB Plastics machinery is an industrial masterpiece which has been since a decade a huge part of the sector of auxiliary machines for the transformation of plastic materials.

Air Hopper Loaders

Series FSC Compressed Air Hopper-Loader
-Granule's transportation through compressed air-controlled fluidification
-Material's transportation maximum temperature 80°C
-Minimum encumbrance
-Great dependability
-Mcroprocessor controlling system
-Missed Charging alarming

Dehumidifying Dryers

Dehumidifying Dryers
DB 304/306/308 represents the most advanced solution for drying technical plastic material.
-One pump - one bed
-Treatment of all hygroscopic plastic material
-Excellent dew-point (minus 40 degrees C)
-Microprocessor control with high precision diagnostic fault finding and drier status display
-Specific alarms shown on the display
-Constant air flow guaranteed by high pressure blowers
-Low energy consumption
-Compact dimensions
-Process temperature 50 - 100 degreees C
High temperatures version until 150 degrees C

Volumetirc Dosing Units

Volumetric Dosing Colour Range

Volumetric dosing unit for granular materials, suitable for injection moulding machines or extruders and for dosing masterbatch or additives.
-Three models are available:
Colour1, Colour2, and Colour XT for extruders
-Corrosion proofing: stainless steel, aluminium
-Stepper motor without brushes
-Equipped with adaptor for direct coupling to the machine
-Quick fit plug for adaptor for Colour2
-Digital regulation and control display
-Independent control panel
-Compact dimensions and easy to install
-It can be fitted to mixer range X10 and mixer range MX50

Ferlin Plastics Automation, your supplier of gravimetric batch blenders Gravimix® used in the plastics processing industry.

Gravimetric Dosing and Blending Units

Gravimetric Dosing
GRAVIMIX is an efficient dosing-, weighing- and blending system. The GRAVIMIX is suited for use on injection-molding, extrusion and blow-molding machines and as central-blender for several processing machines where consistency and high quality is required.
The blenders can be installed directly on the processing machine or placed on a stand with integrated vacuum take-off box next to the processing machine or on a platform above the processing machine. Components are dosed individually using pneumatically operated slide valves or have a combination with one to two electrically operated tube feeders.
Each component is dispensed directly into the weigh-pan which is supported by a high precision loadcell system. When all the components are correctly weighed, the complete batch is discharged into the mixing chamber. An efficient horizontal mixer provides an uniform blend. A level sensor in the mixing chamber controls the total dosing cycle.
The GRAVIMIX is an economic and user friendly blending system.

Oil and Water Mould Heaters

INDUSTRIAL Y COMERCIAL MARSE, S.L. is a Spanish company that manufactures ancillary machines for the plastic industry.


BOE-THERM offer a wide range of conveyors for many conveying applications.
Trans is a straight conveyor.
Trans is available in standard length variations from 1 metre to 5 metres and belt widths 300, 400 and 500 mm.
Trans from 1 metre to 3 metres is fitted with one spring loaded telescopic stand as standard. Trans from 3.5 to 5.0 metres is fitted with two pairs of adjustable legs as standard.
The height of the conveyors can be simply adjusted without the use of tools.

The following belt specifications are standard:
• Smooth belt
• Smooth belt with 6 or 20 mm slats
• Supergrip belt

Water Flow Regulators

INDUSTRIAL Y COMERCIAL MARSE, S.L. is a Spanish company that manufactures ancillary machines for the plastic industry.

Water flow regulators (series ICM) are ideal for regulating the flow rate of water passing through them as well as the water outlet temperature.
The high quality construction and design make the unit one of the most competitive.
Technical characteristics that makes the flow regulator different from its competitors:
• 4 Way Flow Regulators
• 6 Way Flow Regulators
• 8 Way Flow Regulators
• 10 Way Flow Regulators
• 12 Way Flow Regulators


Passcard Moulds

Passcard Moulds

The mould making professionals specializing on:

Plastic MouldsPreform Mould

• PET Preform Moulds
• PET Stretch Blow Moulds
• PET Test Tube Moulds
• Closure and Cap Moulds
• IML Moulds
• Complete Production Line Solutions


Jet Engine Automation

Jet Engine Automation      Jet Engine Automation

Jet Engine Automation

• I.M.L. System
• B.M.L System
• Cutlery Automation
• PET preform Post Cooling Robot System
• Take-out & stacking side entry robot
• Auto-equipment designing & producing

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