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Microplastic in the Environment - Sources, Impacts & Solutions


Call for Papers

Microplastics in the Environment
23 - 24 November 2015, Maternushaus, Cologne, Germany

Plastics greatly contribute to the littering of the environment

Scientific studies have shown that plastics greatly contribute to the littering of the environment. Plastic particles can be found in the air, in the soil, in rivers and lakes, and especially in the marine environment. Plastic particles with a diameter smaller than 5 mm are referred to as microplastics. These can be secondary fragments created by the breaking up of larger pieces of plastic such as packaging materials, or fibres that are washed out of textiles. They can also be primary plastic particles produced in microscopic sizes. These include particles used in cosmetics and in other applications.

Call for Papers

We invite all stakeholders from industry, academia, non-governmental organisations and other interested parties to participate in this call for papers. We are searching for innovative solutions to reduce pollution through microplastic in the environment: You collect plastic waste and recover the material for innovative products: Submit your abstract! You produce materials that substitute conventional plastics and degrade in natural environments; special focus on bio-based and biodegradable plastics: Submit your abstract! You are engaged with education to prevent plastic littering, you develop strategies to combat marine pollution, you have concepts how to avoid plastic in applications directly entering the environment: Submit your abstract!


The best papers will be selected for oral presentations. Selected participants of the call are welcome to display their concepts on a poster wall in the foyer of the venue throughout the duration of the conference. Please submit your abstract to Ina Hellge - no formal requirements are needed. Market place of solutions Join the conference now and book a free exhibition booth ( ). Take this opportunity and present your solutions to the biggest audience on this topic in Europe 2015! Don't hesitate to contact Mr Dominik Vogt for any questions regarding the conference:, +49 (0)2233 4814-49 add keywords here

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